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Aberdeen & North East Family History Society

01224 646 323

Find your North-East ancestors

Clan Buchanan Society


The oldest Scottish clan society in the world,which aims to assist all clan members in need.

Clan Carmichael


Clan Carmichael USA was established in 1991 as a social, educational, and charitable organization, working to preserve and promote this illustrious heritage in the USA.

Clan Donald USA


A nationwide organisation of 4,000 families who can trace their ancestry to any branch of Clann Domhnaill.

Clan Ferguson Society


Brings together members of Clan Ferguson and helps members trace their Ferguson roots.

Clan Forrester Society


Come be a part of your Clan - it's who you are! We invite you to join us and enjoy the opportunities we offer.

Clan Hannay Society


Celebrates and shares the heritage and history of the Clan Hannay, with members around the world.

Clan Hay of America


Promotes kin and fellowship between branches of the clan around the world.

Clan Home Society


Preserves the history, culture and traditions of Clan Home.

Clan Kincaid


Helps members understand the history of their clan and their identity as a Scot.

Clan Kinnaird Society


Dedicated to the search of the Kinnaird name and its derivatives.

Clan Lockhart Society


Provides information on the history and places of interest linked to Clan Lockhart.

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