Expert webinar: The crusades and Scotland

25 March 2024
Discover the role Scots played in Crusades to the Holy Land, Spain, and the Baltic in this exclusive online lecture with Dr Rory Maclellan, taking place on 4 April at 6.30pm (UK time).

For centuries, Scots fought in Crusades to the Holy Land, Spain, and the Baltic. This talk explores the role that they played in these wars from the First Crusade through to the Reformation and beyond, and how the Crusades affected Scotland in turn, leaving their mark on its landscape and culture.


Among the stories discussed are James IV's crusade fleet, the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller in Scotland, and the two Gaelic poets that went on the Fifth Crusade.

This expert History Scotland webinar will take place at 6.30pm (UK time) on 4 April and will be hosted by Dr Allan Kennedy.

The session, broadcast via Zoom, will include a Q&A session at the end, and all registrants will be able to view a recording of the talk until 30 April 2024.

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About the speaker

Rory MacLellan is a historian of the Crusades and late medieval Britain. He holds a PhD from the University of St Andrews for a thesis on the Knights Hospitaller and is currently working as a cataloguer and manuscript researcher at The British Library