History Scotland online lectures: attendee reviews

01 June 2021
Thinking about joining one of our online lectures? Find out what recent attendees had to say.

Feedback from our medieval women webinar with Dr Matthew Hammond and Dr Amy Hayes:

I enjoyed the History Scotland webinar 'Women of Medieval Scotland' hosted by Dr Alan Kennedy and presented by Dr Matthew Hammond and Dr Amy Hayes.

Their's was a fascinating mining of the medieval database searching for information mainly about women.

I am learning so much about the different levels of Scottish history. I love these lectures.

Thank you so very much! I am so happy I found this and was able to join.

Feedback from our Iona webinar with Peter Yeoman:

Thank you so much Peter for that very enlightening insight into somewhere that I felt I knew and understood having made many visits over the past fifty years. Your presentation is very much a reason for me to revisit Iona looking at it again with fresh eyes. Going forward I have no doubt That Iona will as it always continue to leave its mark deep inside all who touch its gossamer beating heart and stand on its soil.  (David)

Found that incredibly moving. (Ruth)

Thank you so much for the absolutely amazing session! I have learned so much and now am craving to learn much more about Iona and Saint Columba. Thank you!! (Alice) 

Feedback from our Open Virtual Worlds webinar with Dr Alan Miller:

Thank you so much for this experience (A Holden)

Thanks for organising this event. Fascinating evening (J Smart)

Really interesting talk, thank you (C Hognestad)

Thank you tremendously for the talk, doctors. Dr Miller had some very interesting knowledge and examples and Dr Kennedy organised and asked the various questions very effectively! (M McArthur)

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Feedback from our Supping with the poet: Robert Burns webinar with Professor Gerard Carruthers:

What a pleasure to be back with the Glasgow University team. It was a most enjoyable evening and, despite the fact that I took their course on Burns with FutureLearn and then participated in their 3-month online course of Burns history and literature, I'm still picking up pieces of information new to me. Moreover, in this desperate time of lockdown and disease, it was thoroughly absorbing as usual with a bit of humour thrown in. How nice to have a laugh and more of the same would be greatly appreciated. (Anne T).

History Scotland's An Evening With Mary Queen of Scots: Exploring the Treasures of National Museums Scotland was presented by Dr Anna Groundwater and chaired by Dr Allan Kennedy.

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Here's what attendees had to say:

I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed the Mary Queen of Scots webinar It was wonderful 'going' to the National Museum of Scotland and seeing everything related to Mary. The presenter Dr.Anna Groundwater couldn't have done a better job. I was very impressed with her presentation. Thank you. (Carol)

Thanks for your work and great tour of the NMS displays. A joy to attend (Tony)

Absolutely wonderful and instructive lecture (Ross)

It was a great evening, very informative and a good introduction into the National Museum of Scotland... Bring more to the table please (Helen)

My grateful thanks to you, to Allan and to Anna for a most interesting talk; far more than mere distraction or the willing suspension of disbelief in these dark days (Ian)

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Our first online talk took place on 18 November 2020, chaired by Dr Allan Kennedy, with a talk by Professor Murray Pittock titled: Under Martial Law by a Foreign Power? The aftermath of Culloden and the legacy of Jacobitism.

Here are a selection of the comments we received from attendees:

I just wanted to express my appreciation for Dr. Pittocks lecture last week. I confess it was a bit surreal watching the sunrise over Colorado's La Plata Mountains out of one eye and his talk out of the other, but I could not have asked for more. Besides the fascinating content, it was also just what I needed to spur me forward with my own research despite travel restrictions and closed libraries. Julie

Very much enjoyed the seminar. Audrey

Very useful and interesting on a topic that can be quite difficult to get coherent information on. Thank you. S.G. MacLean

Meant to write to thank you for yesterday's webinar. I've almost exhausted the short courses on History and Archaeology offered by FutureLearn, (some with Glasgow and Dundee universities), so was very pleased to watch a lecture by Professor Pittock. It was most informative and very enjoyable and I really look forward to joining more of these webinars. Ann 

Thanks to all who made the Prof. Murray Pittock lecture on Culloden possible. I was thoroughly engrossed by this presentation. The informative visuals are so helpful to those of us who have never (yet) visited Scotland. I would recommend even more... Victoria

Thank you very much to Professor Murray Pittock for a fascinating lecture on the aftermath of Culloden. Thanks also to Dr Allan Kennedy for chairing the event. It's good to have online events, and I look forward to others. Joan

I thought that the webinair presentation of Murray Pittock's lecture on November 18th was excellent. There certainly was a lot of content in his talk and it all came over very well with no technical hitches. Margaret