An evening with Mary Queen of Scots: recommended further reading and resources

09 December 2020
History Scotland welcomed Dr Anna Groundwater for a special event focusing on Mary Queen of Scots treasures at National Museum of Scotland. Read on for a link to the video, plus Dr Groundwater's suggestions for further reading and study.

On 8 December, the evening of Mary Queen of Scots' birthday, History Scotland presented an online lecture by Dr Anna Groundwater, Principal Curator, Renaissance and Early Modern History, at National Museums Scotland.

The event, chaired by Dr Allan Kennedy, senior lecturer at the University of Dundee School of Humanities and History Scotland's consultant editor, comprised an exclusive 45-minute talk by Dr Groundwater, a 9-minute video tour of the Renaissance Gallery at National Museums Scotland, and a Q&A session.

Renaissance Gallery tour 

Visit the NMS website and watch as Dr Groundwater takes you on a tour of the Renaissance Gallery at the National Museum of Scotland, showcasing the key objects associated with the story of Mary Queen of Scots.

Access much more information about Mary's life and times in a NMS blog here.

Further reading 

Dr Groundwater's recommended Mary Queen of Scots reads:

  • The Memorialisation of Mary Queen of Scots website for interesting blogs on Mary 
  • Jenny Wormald, Mary Queen of Scots: a Study in Failure (Birlinn, 2017)
  • Retha Warnicke, Mary Queen of Scots (2006)
  • Julian Goodare's entry for Mary Queen of Scots in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, accessible online through libraries or universities
  • John Guy, My Heart is my Own: the Life of Mary Queen of Scots (2004)

Find out more...

Dr Groundwater is happy to answer queries relating to the webinar topic and can be contacted via Twitter.

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