Musical life in 18th-century Edinburgh, 9 May

23 January 2023
Drawing by Mary Chappell at the British Museum
An illustrative overview of Edinburgh's music scene in the 1700s, meeting a fascinating cast of characters from the city's musical history.

9 May 2023, 6.30pm UK time


Let's take an historical walk through Edinburgh city centre, meeting and greeting the various characters who contributed to Edinburgh's music scene, including:

  • famed castrato singer Giusto Tenducci
  • the Corri family who performed at St Cecilia's Hall and the Corri Rooms
  • Felix Yaniewicz, who was involved in the first Edinburgh Music Festival
  • Anne Young, who lived at St James Square and was the first woman to receive a patent for a musical game

The talk will provide an illustrative overview of Edinburgh's musical scene, highlighting why it is the go-to destination for live music in the world.

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Event details

Join Dr Brianna E Robertson-Kirkland for a live c.45-minute illustrated online talk on 9 May, followed by approximately 30 minutes of questions from the audience. The registration fee includes access to the event recording (released the following day) for 7 days after the broadcast.

The event will be chaired by Dr Allan Kennedy, Lecturer in History at the University of Dundee and consultant editor of History Scotland magazine.

Registration fee: £10 - includes 7-day access to the event recording. Starts 6.30pm UK time. To find the start time in your time zone, visit TimeAndDate. Got a question about booking? E-mail Rachel Bellerby. 

Speaker details

Dr Brianna Robertson-Kirkland is a writer and music historian who examines 18th-century singers, singing masters and opera.

She is a research associate at the Centre for Robert Burns Studies, lecturer in Historical Musicology at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the author of Venanzio Rauzzini and the Birth of a New Style in English Singing.