The lost choir, royal tombs and liturgy of Dunfermline Abbey, Fife, 29 March

24 January 2023
The Lost Choir, royal tombs and liturgy of Dunfermline Abbey
Dr Michael Penman presents findings from a pioneering research project at Dunfermline Abbey.

29 March 2023, 6.30pm UK time


This 45-minute presentation will outline new perspectives on the lost choir of the Benedictine Abbey of Dunfermline in Fife, by combining the results of ground-penetrating radar surveys conducted 2016-22 with archival and liturgical research. 

It offers a fuller understanding of the development of this abbey’s choir chapels, saintly shrines and royal mausoleum c.1150-c.1560, as the Scottish kingdom’s equivalent to Westminster or St Denis, as well as of its fate since the destructive Reformation.

Although this research will raise questions about the ‘Bruce grave’ and remains discovered in the choir ruins in 1818, it will also present evidence that in many other ways this great church was significantly venerated and shaped by Robert the Bruce and his generation.

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Event details

Join Dr Michael Penman for a live c.45-minute illustrated online talk on 29 March, followed by approximately 30 minutes of questions from the audience. The registration fee includes access to the event recording (released the following day) for 7 days after the broadcast.

The event will be chaired by Dr Allan Kennedy, Lecturer in History at the University of Dundee and consultant editor of History Scotland magazine.

Registration fee: £10 - includes 7-day access to the event recording. Starts 6.30pm UK time. To find the start time in your time zone, visit TimeAndDate. Got a question about booking? E-mail Rachel Bellerby. 

(Dunfermline Abbey photo copyright Marc Curran, CCASA 2.0)

Speaker details

Dr Michael Penman is a senior lecturer in history at the University of Stirling, and a member of the Dunfermline Heritage Partnership.