An introduction to… Clan MacEwen

27 August 2020
Discover more about Clan MacEwen with this introduction from Clan Commander, Sir John R.H. McEwen 5th BT of Marchmont and Badrochat.

The ancestral homeland of Clan MacEwen is located in what is known now as Kilfinan and Otter Ferry in Argyllshire on the Cowal Peninsula.  

The Last Chief, Swene of Otter, perished in 1493 without Heir and subsequently scattered the Clan far and wide.  Some of the Clan settled near Lennox, today Loch Lomond Area, others down towards Dumfries and Galloway while others made for farther shores.  

Through this, the name has evolved into many different variations.  

We were present at the Battle of Culloden and MacEwens have served in every major battle worldwide since.
Some MacEwens pursued other fields including Medicine, Politics and the Arts and we were known as a clan that produced Bards and Seannachies for other Clans.

Upon the death of Swene, the Clan lost its lands in Otter and has been Chiefless and broken for more than 500 years.  The Clan became vassals of the Dukes of Argyll and other Clans in the area.

In 1990 a Cairn was erected on the site of the Ruins of MacEwen Castle in Kilfinan, Argyllshire on the Cowal Peninsula which attracts MacEwens from all over the world. For those who wish to visit, the Current Chairman of the Society lives in Kilfinan and is happy to provide Guided walks to the Cairn and Castle Ruins.

Today the Clan, under the leadership of Sir John R.H. McEwen, has along with the Clan Society, connected MacEwens worldwide through Social Media, Highland Gatherings, and International Events.

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The clan has undergone massive growth in recent years under his leadership, promoting our causes such as the Clan that Plants Trees and the establishment of a Youth Arts Scholarship program, the Revival of Cowal Dialect Gaelic and by attending Highland Events worldwide. We now have active representatives worldwide to help MacEwens connect on a local level.

We boast 2 Pipe Bands, Multiple Highland Game Athletes and Dancers worldwide. Our planning for the upcoming Chiefship Celebrations are well underway, and look forward to welcoming all to this historic event. Having a Chief of the Name after 500 years is certainly cause to celebrate.

For more information, additional history and to get involved visit or visit our Facebook Page

We are living up to our Motto…

Reviresco! - I grow Strong Again!

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