Clan Fraser Society of North America

Members are invited to attend a range of events and share information on the heritage and history of Clan Forsyth.

CFSNA was formed in 1976 at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games.

Our goal is to promote the general interests of the Clan and to cultivate the spirit of kinship and fellowship among its members throughout the Americas and with the Clan Fraser of Scotland:

  • to collect and preserve literary, historical and genealogical records, documents and relics relating to the history of the Clan and Scotland
  • to honor our Scottish heritage and to cultivate among our members and descendants the pride and spirit of our Scottish ancestors
  • to render aid to all clansmen should they meet with adversity

Abernethy. Bisset. Bissett. Brewster. Cowie. Fraser. Frasier. Frasure. Frazer. Frazier. Fresell. Freser. Frew. Frezel. Friscal. Frisell. Frissell. Frizel. Frizell. Frizelle. Frizzell. Gilruth. Grewar. Gruar. Gruer. Lovat. Lovett. MacGrewar. MacGruer. MacIllrick. MacIlriach. MacImmey. MacKim. MacKimmie. MacShimes. MacSimon. MacSymon. MacTavish. Oliver. Sim. Sime. Simon. Simons. Simpson. Sims. Simson. Sym. Syme. Symon. Symons. Twaddle. Tweeddale. Tweedie.

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