Meet the team - History Scotland

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Matt Hill, Associate Publisher 

Hi, I'm Matt, associate publisher of History Scotland. From the moment we took on History Scotland, back in 2009, it has been an absolute pleasure to work on the brand and see the focus and passion the subject demands.

It’s heartening to have such a network of history professionals behind the website, magazine and everything else we do, giving History Scotland an academic authority that is as engaging and entertaining as it is informative.

A recent highlight for me has to be our online lectures. Seeing hundreds of enthusiasts come together to learn and explore Scotland’s past has been so rewarding and is another example of the History Scotland community bringing people together from across the globe.

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Rachel Bellerby, Editor

I’m Rachel, editor of History Scotland magazine and our online home here at  

I’ve been involved with History Scotland since 2009 but my love of history goes back much further than I care to remember! Whether I was creating a classroom for my ‘lucky’ schoolmates to visit or pestering my parents to take me to another castle, history has always been in my blood.

It’s a pleasure to be able to share the best of Scottish history through the pages of the magazine and on the website and we’re privileged to work with some of the finest historians and archaeologists in the country. 

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