Dramatic Events from Scottish History, Vol 1

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Dramatic Events from Scottish History, Vol 1

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What's in this Book?

Scotland’s past is full of dramatic events that changed the course of history.

This special souvenir booklet features 20 expert guides to some of Scottish history’s most dramatic events, including:

  • Scotland’s colony of Nova Scotia
  • The storming of Dundee, 1651
  • The George Square riot, 1919
  • Famine in the 1690s
  • The Gowrie conspiracy
  • The Marian civil war
  • The murder of Cardinal Beaton
  • The ‘killing time’

Written by History Scotland’s consultant editor Dr Allan Kennedy, and originally published in the pages of History Scotland magazine, our guides take us from Agricola’s Caledonian campaign, through the turbulent times of the 1690s famine, and on to the early 20th-century unrest in Glasgow’s George Square.

Take a trip with us into Scotland’s fascinating past and discover the people and places that shaped our history.

Also available as a digital edition, click here to find out more: https://pocketmags.com/history-scotland-magazine/dramatic-moments-in-scottish-history

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