The world’s premier Scottish history brand

History Scotland is the number one resource in the world for Scottish history and heritage. Written by academics, authors, and curators, the website and magazine has a loyal following of well over 100,000 enthusiasts. 

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History Scotland's audience

The History Scotland brand reaches thousands of enthusiastic readers via our website, magazine, social media, e-newsletters and digital edition ...

Current reach: 

  • Website: 50,343
  • Magazine: 7,000
  • Digital editions: 1,500+
  • Social Media: 70,500
  • E-newsletter: 5,509
  • Podcast downloads: 1,703
  • Push Notifications: 3,715

Total Reach: Over 140,000

About History Scotland magazine

History Scotland is edited by author and lecturer Dr Allan Kennedy of the University of Dundee. The bi-monthly magazine reflects current thinking, the latest research and new discoveries, and is written by Scotland’s leading historians, archaeologists and museum curators.

The magazine reflects the growing interest in Scottish history and identity. Above all it seeks to bring the subject to the widest possible readership both nationally and internationally, in an engaging, enjoyable way.

The magazine is a must-have resource for anyone interested in Scottish family history or local history, with exclusive columns in each issue from National Records Scotland and the Scottish Genealogy Society. 2021 is History Scotland’s 20th anniversary and we’re excited to be launching several new projects, including a witchcraft podcast, Jacobite research series and a major series on the second war of independence.

The magazine currently has a circulation of 7,000.

About the History Scotland website

After its re-design in 2019 is quickly becoming the world's most popular website for Scottish History, Family History and Archealogy.

The site, which serves as the online home for History Scotland articles, podcasts and much more currently attracts 50,000 unique visitors each month and traffic is continually being increased through regular activity on our newsletters and social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, which together have more than 70,000 followers.

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