National Trust for Scotland president puts time travel on the curriculum!

07 February 2023
St Vincent's Primary School pupils work together to solve the riddles to help free Mrs Stewart from the portrait and send her back to her timeline
The National Trust for Scotland President Jackie Bird supported the pilot of a new education programme that is using time travel to get school pupils excited about Scotland's history.

Jackie was at Pollok House in Glasgow on 1 February while local St Vincent’s Primary were onsite as part of the ongoing trial of Timesliders, a pilot education programme that is being trialled with three schools in the local catchment area.

In her presidential role, Jackie joined the pupils as they took part in a series of escape room style challenges to help the main characters of Timesliders, fictional heroes, Kyla and Eden, as they travel throughout Scotland’s past, present and future to try to stop their adversaries from rewriting history.


The pilot of the programme, which aims to engage primary school pupils through storytelling, kicked off with The Natural History of Scotland in 30 minutes theatre shows at three local primary schools; St Vincent’s, St Angela’s and St Bernard’s at the start of January.


Trust President Jackie Bird helps pupils from St Vincent's Primary School, Pollok, Glasgow crack the code to uncover the hidden treasure as part of the pilot of the Timesliders education programme. (l-r Harry Tolofari, Orla Leonard, Wayna Abrar, Jackie Bird and Carissa Oboh)

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Pupils were then able to digitally travel back in time through a series of podcasts, taking them to the heart of the action with Kyla and Eden in the classroom, before being called to assist the time travellers at Pollok House, where they tested their maths, literacy and teamwork skills in a host of different problem-solving activities to help a historic figure escape from a portrait.

Jackie Bird, National Trust for Scotland President, said: “I’m excited to visit Pollok House in my role as the National Trust for Scotland President to see Timeslidersin action. It’s such a creative and fun way to get children interested in, and excited about the history of Scotland. The National Trust for Scotland cares for and protects many of Scotland’s special places, from impressive landscapes to historic houses. It’s fantastic to see how these places, their history and their notable figures have captured imaginations here today.”  

The programme has been developed by National Trust for Scotland’s Senior Heritage Learning Advisor, Sarah Cowie, alongside Schools Co-ordinator Jill Kirkwood, Creative Consultant Ben Humphrey and Education Consultant Stephen Allen.

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