Bannockburn Heritage Centre closed for demolition

07 November 2012
imports_CESC_0-8yp2bl89-100000_70263.jpg Bannockburn Heritage Centre closed for demolition
The Bannockburn Heritage Centre has closed to the public for the final time, almost fifty years after it first opened. ...

The Bannockburn Heritage Centre has closed to the public for the final time, almost fifty years after it first opened. The doors were closed for the last time on 31 October 2012, ready for the construction of a new visitor centre to mark the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn in 2014.

The centre was built in the 1960s as one of several 'roadside' heritage facilities for visitors to Scotland's historic sites. Its design has been recorded for posterity and National Trust for Scotland has announced plans to produce a small publication highlighting the centre's place in Scotland's architectural history.

Mansell Construction Ltd has also begun a series of conservation, enhancement and remedial works to the historic monuments at the site including the rotunda, flagpole and iconic Bruce statue, which will be restored to their former glory.

Temporary arrangements

Until the new centre opens, visitors to the site will be able to call into a temporary exhibition which tells the story of the Battle of Bannockburn. There will also be a small shop onsite. From November 2012 to February 2013, access to the temporary exhibition may be limited due to building works and from March 2013 onwards, the facility will be available daily from 10am to 5pm.

David McAllister, Project Director, National Trust for Scotland said: 'The temporary exhibition will act as the key point for information on the Battle of Bannockburn project including the historic monuments at the Borestone site. It is not designed to be representative of what to expect in 2014, but to evoke the spirit of the project to heighten the sense of anticipation.
'With building, landscaping and conservation work all underway and at such a fast pace, visiting Bannockburn before the new visitor experience opens to the public in Spring 2014 will certainly provide an exciting taster of what’s to come.'

Battle of Bannockburn visitor information

Battle of Bannockburn temporary visitor information, tel: 0844 493 2139

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Open: November 2012 to February 2013 - please telephone for details (see above); March 2013 onwards - open seven days a week, 10am to 5pm.

Battle of Bannockburn website.

(Image © National Trust for Scotland/ David Barrington)

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