BBC Scotland wants your home movies!

07 January 2015
imports_CESC_screen-shot-2015-01-07-at-10.03.34-51088_86186.png BBC Scotland wants your home movies!
Do you have home movie footage with a remarkable or emotional story? If so BBC Scotland would love to hear from you… ...
BBC Scotland is making a new documentary about the history of ‘Home Movies’ and amateur filmmaking in Scotland and is inviting members of the public to contribute with 'interesting and emotional' home movies.

Like the popular archive based series ‘Scotland on Film’, this is a warm and nostalgic look back at our passion to capture family and community life over nearly 100 years. We’re looking for material to feature in the programme that has been filmed in Scotland between the 1920s and the present day.
All home movies are precious but we’re particularly looking for films which tell an interesting or emotional story.

For example:
  • captures a life changing event
  • follows a romance recorded over a great many years
  • is the last remaining footage of someone sadly no longer with us
  • uncovers a newsworthy event previously unseen on the news
  • visualises childhood from bygone times.
  • is captivating for another reason not listed above

If you have home movies sitting in your attic or garage just waiting to be brought back to life then we’d love to hear from you.

Please contact [email protected] | Tel: 0141 422 6461

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