Explore the lives of Scotland's working women

12 February 2018
2.-DUNIH-531.45-51141.jpg Veteran weavers in 1937
As History Scotland celebrates Women's History Month we find out more about the women who worked in Scotland's industries.
Explore the lives of Scotland's working women Images

At the Scottish Fisheries Museum in Fife find out about the herring lasses, who moved up and down Scotland’s east coast with the fishing fleet to gut and prepare herring coming in off the boats. These women worked in harsh conditions and had a tough work ethic. Girls as young as 14 were able to work, giving them a chance of freedom in a time when options for women were limited.

Scottish Fisheries Museum, St Ayles, Harbourhead, Anstruther KY10 3AX; tel: 01333 310628; website.
At Verdant Works in Dundee find out about the significant contribution made by 1000s of women who worked in the mills. Women were paid less than men, making them a desirable workforce for the jute industry. By 1911, women made up three quarters of the industry’s workforce in Dundee. Many of these women were married, a rarity by this period.
Verdant Works, W Henderson's Wynd, Dundee DD1 5BT; tel: 01382 309060; website.
It wasn’t glamorous work, but these women were integral to the success of Scotland’s industries. Discover more on the #GoIndustrial website.
(images copyright Verdant Works and Scottish Fisheries Museum)
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