Highland Titles

23 August 2022
Highland Titles own five nature reserves in Scotland and one in Northern Ireland
Highland Titles is a long established company which sells souvenir plots of land from its estates in Scotland - creating Lairds, Lords and Ladies of Glencoe in the process - and uses the profits to manage the land as nature reserves.

It acts as a highly engaging and successful method of crowdfunding conservation. The company is now in its 16th year and remains the only company that is truly conserving the land in Scotland with solid evidence to back this up. 

Highland Titles is proud to own five nature reserves in Scotland and one in Northern Ireland, representing over 800 acres. Since the company’s inception they have re-established red squirrel colonies, brought Osprey back to the area, created a wildcat haven and a home for injured hedgehogs.

They have also removed and replaced thousands of non-indigenous sitka spruce with native trees. Highland Titles' nature reserve projects are aimed at rewilding the local areas.  With the help of their supporters, they are transforming inaccessible commercial forestry plantations of non-native trees and barren landscapes into everlasting nature reserves which can be enjoyed not just by us, but by future generations. You can learn more about their story on the Highland Titles website.

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