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22 November 2016
Screen-Shot-2016-11-22-at-12.42.18-67755.png Dr Catriona MacDonald
Learn more about the work of Dr Catriona MacDonald, one of the members of the History Scotland magazine Editorial Board

Dr Catriona MacDonald is a member of the History Scotland magazine Editorial Board

Educated at the universities of St Andrews and Strathclyde, Catriona Macdonald is Reader in Late Modern Scottish History at the University of Glasgow.

She has been involved with the magazine since its launch in 2001 and – in addition to reviewing material for the journal, using it to publicise important educational initiatives, and encouraging submissions relating to the late modern period, she was instrumental in leading a group of academics and teachers in a co-authorship project relating to World War One.

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Currently researching the emergence of Scottish history as an academic discipline and the associational and publishing cultures that supported it, Dr Macdonald sees her involvement in the journal in terms of ensuring the dissemination of high quality research to the general public, and learning from the work of others.

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'History Scotland’, she notes, ‘is all about doing history differently, and about putting the audience first. It really has added a new and very important dimension to the publication of Scottish history. I always enjoy seeing it arrive in my pigeon hole at work. Woe betide anyone who disturbs me when I remove it from the wrapper!’

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