Mary Queen of Scots Guide

01 September 2019
MQS-digital-guide-24905.png MQS Guide
Discover the real story of Mary Queen of Scots with History Scotland’s limited edition souvenir magazine which explores the history behind the woman who became queen at six days old.
Five reasons to read History Scotland's souvenir Mary Queen of Scots magazine, available as a digital download or souvenir print edition…

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  1. This 48-page magazine is a celebration of Mary’s life, following her fascinating story from becoming queen at six days old, through to her execution at the hands of Elizabeth I.
  2. Get exclusive, inside information on the film through our interviews, which include an exclusive chat with director Josie Rourke, who explains her controversial decision to portray a face-to-face meeting between Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I.
  3. We also talk to actress Eileen O’Higgins, who plays the queen’s companion Mary Beaton, and to Dr John Guy, whose books inspired the film.
  4. Whether you’ve been a fan of Mary Queen of Scots for years or are new to the queen’s life, our expert articles take you straight to the heart of the history.
  5. Enjoy timelines, travel trails and our guide to who’s who in the movie, allowing you to explore Mary’s exciting story to help you enjoy the film even more.
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