Photographer David Octavius Hill died - On this day in history

17 May 2022
imports_CESC_750px-newhaven-fishergirls_31325.jpg David Octavius Hill
Pioneering photographer David Octavius Hill died on 17 May 1870. ...

David Octavius Hill, the photographer who pioneered the use of photographs for creating works of art, died on 17 May 1870. Hill formed a successful partnership with fellow photographer Robert Adamson and the pair worked at Adamson's studio at Calton Hill in Edinburgh.

Here, they carried out photographic experiments and used the studio as a base for their travels around Scotland, photographing both famous personalities of the day and ordinary people carrying out their work.

Among their images were photos of the Scott Monument under construction and Fife fisherfolk selling their wares in Edinburgh.

Hill is buried in Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh, beneath a sculpture of him created by his wife Amelia Paton.

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