Pier Arts Centre Orkney interview

20 February 2014
imports_CESC_0-40r87jky-100000_74419.jpg Pier Arts Centre Orkney interview
We talk to Isla Holloway of The Pier Arts Centre in Stromness, Orkney, about her work at the popular attraction. ...
We talk to Isla Holloway of The Pier Arts Centre in Stromness, Orkney, about her work at the popular attraction.

The Pier Arts Centre was established in 1979 and holds one of the UK's most important collections of twentieth century art, with an annual programme of events and exhibitions.

Isla, who works in visitor services at The Pier talks about her favourite part of the Centre and the highlights for visitors.

What's the best thing about working at The Pier?
My role as Visitor Services Officer means I spend a lot of time manning the front desk, meeting and greeting visitors. I enjoy having the opportunity to speak to such a wide range of people and engage with them about our history, Collection and temporary exhibitions programme.

Are most of your visitors locals or tourists?
We have visitors from near and far visiting the gallery. During the winter months we tend to get more local folk visiting whereas in the spring/summer we see a lot more tourists.

What upcoming event/exhibition are you particularly looking forward to?
This summer we will be displaying an exhibition called Orcadia & Other Stories, a major exhibition of work by Zoë Walker & Neil Bromwich. It will include work produced over the past fifteen years including Dream Cloud, created as part of a residency in Orkney in 1997, as well as more recent work. The exhibition raises relevant and challenging questions about cultural identity and is part of GENERATION, a programme of exhibitions on display throughout Scotland in 2014 celebrating the best of Scotland's thriving contemporary art scene. 

What's your favourite area of The Pier?
On the first floor we have a gable that looks out to the sea and has a floor to ceiling window. The view is like an ever changing artwork - on a stormy day the sea is wild and white with spray and on a sunny day you can look out over the sea to the Hoy Hills basking in sunlight. The view is different from one hour to the next but is always dramatic and is my favourite place to be in the gallery.

For more on the Pier, visit The Pier Arts Centre website.
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