Pixar's Brave encourages Scottish tourism

13 July 2012
imports_CESC_0-hggxe1f5-100000_43069.jpg Pixar's Brave encourages Scottish tourism
VisitScotland releases marketing campaign following American success of Disney Pixar’s Brave. ...
Pixar's Brave encourages Scottish tourism Images

VisitScotland releases marketing campaign following American success of Disney Pixar’s Brave, writes Jess Baggeley.

VisitScotland is anticipating a £140 million boost to the Scottish economy following a major global marketing campaign in partnership with Disney Pixar and new blockbuster Brave.

Brave has topped the US box office within its first week of opening, earning $66.7 million (approximately £43.2 million) since 22 June.

A new thirty second TV and cinema advertisement (shown below) will be broadcast on major global television networks and in cinemas before the release of Brave in the UK. It has already been shown in America previous to the release and has been estimated to have reached 80 million people. The advert features some of Scotland’s most beautiful and famous landmarks including The Ring of Brodgar on Orkney, Castle Kilchurn on Loch Awe and Eilean Donan Castle. These real-life images are combined with clips from the film, reflecting Scotland’s mythical and enticing landscape, and the film’s inspiring theme that Scotland is where ‘legends come to life’.

Brave is set in the Scottish Highlands during the tenth century, but there are several references to 1995 blockbuster Braveheart, perhaps sacrificing the historical accuracy of the events for familarity. However, the film’s focus on the Highlands is expected to dramatically increase tourism to the area.

Scottish Memories, August 2012First Minister Alex Salmond commented on the global interest in Scotland: ‘I know how impressed people are with Scotland after seeing Brave and we have the chance to reap some of the benefits of that.’

The film also showcases traditional Scottish and gaelic music, with singer Julia Fowlis and Carradale piper Lorne MacDougall both featuring on the advert and the soundtrack.

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Image: (c) Disney/Pixar. All rights reserved.

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