Queen consort Margaret Tudor died on 18 October 1541

18 October 2022
Queen consort Margaret Tudor died on 18 October 1541. ...

Margaret Tudor, Queen Consort of Scots died on 18 October 1541 at the age of 51. Margaret was the wife of King James IV of Scotland. She arrived in Scotland from England at the age of fourteen, to undertake a marriage arranged by her father King Henry VII and King James IV as part of the Treaty of Perpertual Peace.

The treaty lasted just seven years and when England went to war with France, Scotland invaded England in 1513 in support of the Auld Alliance with France, placing Margaret effectively at war with her English relatives. Margaret is credited with having helped to arrange peace between the warring parties.

Margaret died of a stroke at Methven Castle in Perthshire and was buried at the Carthusian Priory of St John in Perth.

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