Recreated 'clan jewels' revealed as Clan Buchanan prepares to crown new chief

05 October 2022
This weekend Clan Buchanan, one of Scotland’s most ancient clans, will crown its first chief for more than 340 years.

Ahead of the chief’s official inauguration ceremony at Cambusmore Manor in Callander on 8 October 2022, his son inspects the chief’s kilt and restored clan jewels.

On Saturday the clan will appoint its chief at a traditional inauguration ceremony, resurrecting clan rituals that haven’t been seen since the 17th century. On Sunday, the new chief will preside over the first Clan Parliament for centuries to explore the future of the clan.

Following a query from one of History Scotland's Facebook followers, we have been given the following supplementary information about the Royal Navy sword pictured below: 

This long sword within the Clan Buchanan collection has been held by the clan for over 100 years, belonging to Captain Morshead when he served in the Royal Navy.

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On the day of the inauguration, it will be carried in the procession by Lachlan Buchanan from Australia. Although it will not be presented to The Buchanan as part of the ceremony, it will be on display alongside the other Clan Jewels.

For more on the ceremony and its history, visit the Clan Buchanan website

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