Find your Scottish ancestors at MyHeritage

13 October 2022
Explore the lives of your Scottish ancestors with MyHeritage's Scotland collections.

MyHeritage has 122 online collections containing over 55 million records, covering the baptism, marriage and death of our ancestors, as well as census records, military records and many more.

Read on for our highlights of the MyHeritage Scotland collections.

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Baptism, marriage and death

Explore the cornerstone records of family history research - baptism, marriage and death records. These records can help you to take your research back another generation as you discover mention of an ancestor's parents and other relatives.

Criminal ancestors

The records in the Selected Prison Registers collection cover the years 1828-1878 and include all surviving prison registers in the National Records of Scotland for the Scottish Borders, and registers of various other prisons throughout Scotland. Information listed in these records may include: name, year and place of birth, year and place of imprisonment, place of residence and occupation.

Where did your Victorian Scottish ancestors live?

Explore the Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland, 1896,  

This six-volume collection runs to 1,534 pages and contains full color maps for every county in Scotland as well as several area maps (Firth of Forth, etc) and several town plans.

Explore your Scottish surname

Scottish Nation, or, the Historical And Genealogical Account of All Scottish Families And Surnames was published in two volumes in 1896, and you can explore by surname to find out more about your family origins.​​​​​​

The Scottish Census

Explore the Scottish Census at MyHeritage, starting with the 1841 Census. The Scotland Census of 1841 was taken on 6 June 1841 and was the first to include the names and details of all individuals within a household. Information listed in these records includes: name, gender, age, year and place of birth, year and place of residence, marital status and occupation. 

See all available censuses for Scotland on the Scotland hub page.

Paternity cases

This paternity cases collection can be a real brick wall buster, helping you if you come across an ancestor's birth with no father named. The Selected Sheriff Court Paternity Case Index, 1748-1914 contains paternity cases (known as "actions of affiliation and aliment") heard before the Sheriff Courts, with the inclusion of a few other cases of genealogical interest. They cover a wide range of dates (from 18th century up to 1914), the main bulk of the data has been indexed from the 'Registers of Extract Decrees', which for most Sheriff Courts are complete from about 1830 onwards. Information listed in these records may include: name, residence and occupation of both defender and pursuer, year of court decree or extract, birth year of the child, details of the court, and additional notes.

Explore all the MyHeritage Scotland collections at MyHeritage.