Scottish Book Review - The Wax Fruit Trilogy

12 June 2012
imports_CESC_0-gr3kxs2d-100000_41315.jpg Scottish Book Review - The Wax Fruit Trilogy
Book review - The Wax Fruit Trilogy, author Guy McCrone ...

The Wax Fruit Trilogy
(B&W Publishing)
ISBN 97814845024178, rrp £9.99

The Wax Fruit trilogy presents three of the late Guy McCrone’s Victorian novels in one book. Antimacassar City, The Philistines and The Puritans together tell the story of the life and times of the Moorhouse family as they rise from the obscurity of an Ayrshire farm to a grand life in Victorian Glasgow.

Among the colourful members of the Moorhouse dynasty are Arthur, a successful businessman who becomes the first of the family to move to Glasgow, the Highlands beauty Phoebe, and David, a dashing and impulsive socialite.

Guy Mcrone writes in a lively and descriptive style, with dialogue and description intertwined and plenty of period details which not only add colour to the narrative, but will fascinate anyone interested in Victorian Scotland.

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