Visit the archaeological dig at Cowan's Close, Edinburgh

11 January 2024
Members of the public are invited to visit a dig at an old industrial site that is currently being excavated by AOC Archaeology, ahead of a proposed residential scheme.

AOC Archaeology Group, on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council, are undertaking an archaeological excavation at their site at Cowan’s Close, which will feature 19 new build wheelchair accessible flats when complete.

An initial evaluation, undertaken in October 2023, uncovered the remains of several brick and sandstone walls, as well as mortar and concrete surfaces. Evidence of industrial activity was also found including possible glass and iron slag. These findings led to the requirement for an archaeological excavation. 

The excavation will expose structural remains including walls and surfaces to understand the function and use of these historic buildings.

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The public are welcome to visit the site to observe the excavations while the archaeological works are ongoing. The excavation will commence on 9 January and run for three weeks, with members of the AOC team on site Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm.

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As the area is a live construction site, members of the public will not be permitted to enter the site. Instead, there will be an information panel at the entrance to the site with further details about the history of the site, including former, now demolished, buildings.

Report and image courtesy of Edinburgh City Council.