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05 January 2013
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In the latest reader memory taken from the hugely popular 'Scotland Remembered' pages of Scottish Memories magazine, George Wishart from Forfar recalls his very first car, which cost just £175! ...
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Scottish Memories Reader Memory - Morris 1955 CarI bought my first car just before I got married in 1955, it was an A Morris 8 Series E which cost £175, plus £5 to insure.

My wife and I had some great times in this wee car and although it wasn’t very happy on the hills, it never let us down.

The photo shows me topping the car up with water before going over the Lecht to visit a friend in Knockandhu - this was in the days when you wore your best suit to go on holiday!

The wee Morris only had rear lights on the number plate, so I had to fix lights on the wings when new regulations came out, but this was the only expense I had in over two years of happy motoring.

We often visit motor museums and are always on the lookout for a Morris 8 Series E.

George Wishart, Forfar

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