Scottish poet William Drummond died - On this day in history

04 December 2022
imports_CESC_0-tu1nxo8m-100000_04385.jpg Scottish poet William Drummond died - On this day in history
Scottish poet and author William Drummond died on 4 December 1649. ...

On 4 December 1649, poet William Drummond died shortly after receiving news of the execution of King Charles I. Drummond was educated at Edinburgh’s Royal High School and is known for being one of the first Scottish poets to write in English only.

His works include:

  • Forth Feasting: A Panegyricke to the King's Most Excellent Majestie
  • Tears on the Death of Meliades
  • Mausoleum
  • Cypresse Grove
  • History of Scotland 1423-1524, which was published after his death.

Both Drummond and his father, John Drummond, were strong Royalists, who held positions at the English court, and many of William Drummond’s later works were written in support of the monarchy.

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Drummond was also a keen inventor and patented a number of military devices including an early machine gun which allowed 'one man to take the place of a hundred musketeers in battle' and the Glasses of Archimedes, which could set enemy ships on fire whilst they were at sea.