'Significant' manuscript acquisition with historical accounts of the Macgregor clan in Rannoch

31 May 2023
Pages from the Macgregor manuscript acquired by Perth and Kinross Archive
Perth & Kinross Archive has announced the acquisition of a significant manuscript that traces the family histories of two Scottish clans that settled in the Rannoch area: the Macgregors and the Stewarts.

The manuscript, purchased through a successful grant application to the National Fund for Acquisitions, contains historical accounts of the Macgregor clans in Rannoch, compiled by the renowned 19th-century Gaelic scholar Paul Cameron of Pitlochry.

The family histories were initially collected in the 1830s by Lieutenant Alexander Macgregor of Wester Tempar, Rannoch, who was employed to gather information on the families of Macgregor in Rannoch.

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The manuscript also contains additional notes and corrections made by other members of the Macgregor family after it came into their possession. Paul Cameron, who compiled the manuscript, was an active member of the Gaelic Society of Perth and collected many examples of work by Perthshire Gaelic composers.

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Pages from the Macgregor manuscript

The manuscript is of great value to those interested in tracing family connections to the Rannoch area and provides a unique source of information for those interested in the local and social history of Rannoch. It may also help to inform a broader understanding of life in Scottish loch-side settlements.

The manuscript is currently on display on the first floor of the AK Bell Library in Perth until the end of July.

Report and images courtesy Perth and Kinross Archive