The Battle of Bonnymuir took place - On this day in history

05 April 2021
imports_CESC_0-ff5rbmkr-100000_25544.jpg The Battle of Bonnymuir took place - On this day in history
The 'Battle of Bonnymuir' took place on 5 April 1820. ...

On 5 April 1820 a group of striking weavers was intercepted on the way to the Carron Ironworks, after being infiltrated by government agents.

The men, who were protesting following a period of economic hardship and unrest, were ambushed by an armed force outside the village of Bonnybridge. In the ensuing struggle, at least four of the weavers and a lieutenant and sergeant were badly wounded. Three of the rebel leaders - Andrew Hardie, James Wilson and John Baird were arrested and later executed.

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(Image shows the Radical Road at Salisbury Crags, built by unemployed weavers during the period of the strike. Copyright Kim Traynor)