Year to Remember 1947

21 November 2013
imports_CESC_0-nu0kdyn7-100000_58169.jpg Year to Remember 1947
We take a look at some memorable episodes from 1947 including snow blizzards, the establishment of the New Town of East Kilbride and the release of the first Ealing Comedy, Hue and Cry. ...
In the February issue of Scottish Memories we take a look at the news headlines, films and events of 1947. Enjoy some classic moments from this year in our video special.

The year got off to a cold start with severe snowfall which caused transport chaos, harvest failure and coal shortages. This clip explains what it was like to experience the heaviest snowfalls:

This was the year that the first of the Ealing Comedies was produced, with cinema-goers flocking to see 'Hue and Cry' the story of a gang of London street kids who tried to foil a group of criminals:

Plans to house 45,000 people in Scotland's first new town got off the ground on 6 May when an order was signed to establish East Kilbride. The film 'New Town of Tomorrow' promotes the New Town ideal as a good place for families to live and work:

Read more about the news, culture and events of 1947 in our Year to Remember special, available in the February issue of Scottish Memories.
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