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• Discover the drama and tragedy of Mary Queen of Scots
• Why James V chose Stirling for his royal palace
• Explained: Stewart vs Tudor – the rivalry that shaped a century
• Find out how the Stewarts used ceremony to underline their right to rule
• See incredible Stewart treasures cared for by National Museum of Scotland

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Scotland’s Kings and Queens: The Stewarts is packed full of in-depth features written by Scotland’s top historians who explore and reassess the reigns of some of the country’s most fascinating monarchs.

We explore more than three centuries of Scotland's history – from the emergence of the Stewart dynasty under King Robert II, through to the Union of the Crowns with the reign of the complicated but charismatic King James VI.

Our Stewart travel guide presents the abbeys, churches, castles and palaces where history was made, from the royal chamber where Mary Queen of Scots witnessed the brutal murder of her servant David Rizzio, to the splendour of Paisley Abbey, the cradle of the House of Stewart.

Come with us on a journey through one of the most exciting and turbulent periods in history and discover fascinating facts about the Stewart monarchs, including the bizarre deaths of early Stewart kings, how James V made Stirling Palace into a stunning royal retreat, and the Stewart and Tudor rivalry that shaped the 16th century.