History Scotland, Spring 2024

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The new-look Spring 2024 issue of History Scotland is packed full of in-depth expert features and shorter reads, covering centuries of the country’s history.

On Sale: 28/02/2024

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

Highlights of the packed, 100-page issue of History Scotland include:

  • The 1919 ‘battle’ of George Square re-examined through eye-witness accounts
  • The mysterious disappearance of the Flannan Isle lighthouse keepers
  • New evidence uncovered for Bronze Age burial rites
  • Classical allusions and the Jacbobites
  • Exploring the fate of the Aberdeen teenagers transported for life

New look, same unrivalled content!

The Spring 2024 issue of History Scotland boasts a brand new format and frequency, providing history enthusiasts with an improved experience. The condensed format lends the magazine the feel of a journal.

Publisher Matthew Hill said:

“History Scotland has earned its place in the hearts of thousands of readers thanks to its in-depth commentary and analysis of Scotland’s remarkable past. We wanted the new look and format to give the publication the premium feel it deserves, reflecting the unrivalled authority and expertise in every issue, and we can’t wait for subscribers and readers around the world to see the Spring 2024 issue.” 

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