Webinar Recording: Discovering The Picts

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Discover more about this fascinating chapter in Scotland’s history with this exclusive video presentation and Q&A session. The talk by Professor Gordon Noble focusses on the Picts – first mentioned in the later 3rd century AD by late Roman writers, the Picts went on to become the dominant polity in northern Britain till the 9th century AD.

On Sale: 15/04/2021

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Webinar Recording: Discovering The Picts

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The download provides access to the full recording of the 'Discovering the Picts' expert webinar.

The comprehensive talk draws directly on the results of the University of Aberdeen Northern Picts and Leverhulme funded Comparative Kingship projects that have identified a whole series of hitherto unknown Pictish power centres and shed new light on long discussed, but poorly understood sites, helping reveal the pathways to power that Pictish rulers followed to create the powerful polities that dominated this region for over 600 years.

Professor Gordon Noble has undertaken landscape research and directed field projects across Scotland.

He has worked on a wide range of landscapes and archaeology projects from the Mesolithic to Medieval periods. A percentage of the sale of this video recording will go to the Tarbat Discovery Centre.

Webinar and Q&A recorded live in March 2021. Please note: once purchased, you will receive a PDF download with details of how to view the video recording.

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