Coronach by Kimberley Jordan Reeman: History Scotland virtual library

27 August 2020
A saga of love and the human cost of war set amid the turbulence of the 18th century.

Coronach by Kimberley Jordan Reeman

Let the truth be told...

SCOTLAND, JULY 1746: an army of occupation ravages the Highlands, committing atrocities with consequences that will reverberate across generations. From this bloody cataclysm, the battle-hardened English soldier Mordaunt saves an infant who will become his heiress and his obsession, and on his shattered estate a traumatised Franco-Scottish laird, Ewen Stirling, offers refuge to a boy damaged by unspeakable horror.

These lives, bound by fate, unfold against the turbulence of the 18th century in a magnificent, uncompromising saga of love and the human cost of war.

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