Marian Civil War webinar recording

13 June 2023
Discover more about Mary Queen of Scots, James VI and the propaganda of the Marian Civil War with this exclusive video presentation and Q&A session.

In this 45-minute illustrated talk, Dr Steven Reid explores the wide range of propaganda, aimed at all levels of community, used by the supporters of the young James VI during the Marian Civil War.

We discover:

  • How an infant was used as a propaganda tool against the supporters of Mary Queen of Scots
  • The role of the young prince as a potential hostage during negotiations for the freedom of his mother
  • The tension and suspicion between the two warring parties - and between a royal mother and her son


The talk examines the wide range of propaganda generated during the Marian Civil War, and argues that, even though James was an infant, he was a vital commodity for the ‘King’s Party’ in their pursuit of power, particularly given Mary was physically absent from Scotland from 1568 onwards. 

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