The Battle of Stirling Bridge was fought - On this day in history

11 September 2019
The Battle of Stirling Bridge was fought on 11 September 1297. ...

William Wallace and Andrew de Moray led Scotland to victory against the forces of England's King Edward I at the Battle of Stirling Bridge on 11 September 1297.

The battle was fought close to the site of the present-day Wallace monument (pictured). Wallace and de Moray's forces mustered at the Abbey Craig, whilst the English took up a position further south and made the mistake of charging towards the Scots across a narrow bridge, which allowed them to be attacked. Around 5,000 English soldiers were killed, including Hugh de Cressingham, the commander who had persuaded the troops to cross the bridge.

Following his victory, Wallace moved south to capture Berwick Upon Tweed. De Moray was badly injured during the battle and died two months later.

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